Do you want to help others and would you like something exiting and developing to happen in your life? 
If yes, then Danish Body Therapy (DBT) is just for you. 


You will learn:

Different kinds of massage techniques

• About breathing, intuition, to be present and to improve your sense of feeling

 Acupressure, reflexology (zonetherapy)

 How to release tension in the joints


 How to communicate with the client about the clients needs

 About connections between body and mind

 Energy principle originated in traditionel Asian view on health and movement

 Energy Yoga exercises

... And much more


DBT is a 1-year education and after passed exam, you will be certified Danish Body Therapy Therapist and Practitioner. 

If you gain the right qualifications, you have the possibility to get work teaching at Danish Body Therapy. 

You might also have the possibility of opening an education offering Danish Body Therapy in a place outside Denmark. That could be in the country you originally come from or another place, or in Denmark. 

The main communication during our education is in Danish, but we can communicate with you in English, if that is what you prefer.

We welcome all people and we would like all people to know about Danish Body Therapy. 

We hope to hear from you soon.


With love,
Kim Kristiansen
Founder of Danish Body Therapy